"This might just be the most entertaining book I’ve read on this website. It is the perfect mix between steamy, romantic, and action pact."
This is the kind of book you spend hours and hours and days and days looking for. It keeps you up late at night, and forces you to abandon responsibility and procrastinate endlessly
Seriously love and appreciate this novel. It has humor in truckloads while being unique and fresh. It's character-driven, so, the author creates a very developed relationship between the MCs. Here, I understand how both characters view the other and how attraction is being built rather than shoved down your throat. Specifically, the dynamic they have is very special

I haven't felt compelled to read so intently in quite a while and it brings back my joy of reading once again. I dare say I feel I would be disappointed with any other book after this. It is fantastic!


This is the first alien book I've read, and it definitely is THE book. The characters, Ezron, everything about it is amazing. It gave me a whole different picture on aliens. This is a book that deserves a huge award or something. It is a MUST read!

It really hits the spot. Absolutely steamy devilishly hot and exactly the book I need to fuel my unrealistic daydreams
I find myself laughing in this story a lot. The characters are very unique and add flavor to this pot of gold
The book is totally amazing ... love love love love love 💗 this book. The author has a way of immersing you into her word , and this right here is a whole new universe 🌍 I’m a sucker for good books and this right here is top notch
A wonderfully constructed world with beautiful detail, enthralling conflict, and easily relatable despite how abstract. Wonderful read, I absolutely recommend!

This is the most authentic author on the app, and that’s on having the best/ most unexpected plots and being an overall amazing person

Reading it is like taking a fresh breather. I would recommend you read it, it’s steamy, heart warming, and smile worthy

WOW. I NEVER reviews, but this book is so good I have to. I have read my fair share of books, from a variety of genres, and this one is so amazing I couldn’t put my phone down! The usage of detail is concise, but still enough for the reader to place themselves inside the book. Overall this is a great read and is one book I wish I could read for the first time all over again. I would definitely recommend for others to give it a read. I admit i was reluctant ar first to read this, but I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait for the next update!